Software Downloads

32 bit Downloads (Windows 95 or higher)

Standard IBM PC software downloads.



FreeWare - Simple Win32 GUI UPX Shell



Download the Shell now!


Email me if you want an actual installation - Freeservers doesn't support files over 200 some kb.


FreeWare - command prompt DELTREE utility for Windows 2000


Download windel.exe - select other link for zipped version. 

Click the graphic above left for the plain 114Kb exe file. Click here for the 54Kb zip file.


Deletes single or nested files and subdirectories. Using the /d parameter suppresses the prompt to use the Recycle Bin. Will accept long file names enclosed in quotation marks.  On three separate installs of Win2K, I haven't found a command to replace deltree.  The RD command will remove non-empty subdirectories, but you must specify a parameter. Windel needs a parameter only if you don't want the file to go to the Recycle Bin.




FreeWare - timed file running or message display. Minimizes to taskbar or System tray.


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 Picture of RunTime screen

Perfect for those without Windows Task Scheduler software, or those who don’t want the Task Scheduler to hog all their system resources.


This utility can be setup to run any program or file at whatever time you wish and the program and time can also be specified on the command line, so that a shortcut can be put into the Startup group and run automatically. Can run your email program to get your email at night, or can run your download agent, so that your Favorite web sites get updated at night while you sleep.

This program will also display any message you choose at the time you choose.


RunTime Installation




FreeWare - Adds a menu item when right clicking on a file in Windows Explorer. This menu displays the filename and its version.


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I got so tired of the extra two mouse clicks for checking file versions (something I do a-lot of) so I wrote this quickie program.

It will display version info for most file types that have it, .exe, .dll, .drv, .sys, .scr etc.


Setup.exe - File 1 of 2.

Setup.w02 - File 2 of 2.


Technical Details:

The actual trick to getting the menu item into the Context menu is to add/alter keys to the Registry. Mostly, Shell/command keys.  The registry has an entry for Directory, and that is where the main entry goes, then I had to alter the other file types listed so that the menu item would show for them too. ie, the dllfile and exefile entries. 


16 bit Downloads (DOS or Windows 3.x)

Standard IBM PC software downloads.






FreeWare - randomly copy a paragraph from a large txt file, into a smaller one.


Used for 'quote of the day' features in a DOS based BBS systems.

This program expects a txt file called "quotes.txt" (small quotes txt file supplied with zip) and randomly selects a quotation to copy into another smaller text file ("qofday.txt") for display by the BBS system.